Yard Waste Collection Status Tracker

Please use the map below to find the status of yard waste collection in your residential area. The map will continually be updated as information becomes available until collection schedules have been stabilized.

NOTE: Crews are now working through Tuesday and Wednesday routes again and will make their way through the entire week of collection routes again for a second sweep. The map below reflects where crews are currently at in collection routes for the week of May 25th.  

Residents may continue to put yard waste out at the curbside, however, until schedules have been stabilized, most yard waste is not guaranteed to be picked up on a resident's normal collection day. We are currently collecting yard waste up to six days a week.

We will continue to provide status updates as we move forward. We appreciate your flexibility and patience as staff is working hard to collect yard waste!

How does the map work?

Step 1: Locate your collection day on the map. The day and corresponding box color reflect where crews are at in terms of collection routes.

Step 2: Find the "key" at the bottom of the map. Based on the key, look at the color of the box around your collection day. The color of the box determines the yard waste collection status of your area. 
Yard Waste Collection Status Map