Marijuana Microbusiness Applicant Information

  1. Application Acceptance Update

Applications are not being accepted for Microbusinesses at this time.  

Applications for Microbusinesses in Ward 3 will be accepted during Window 7 (August 11 - September 9, 2020).

Applications for Ward 4 Microbusinesses received during Window 3 which ended February 26, 2020 are currently going through the appeals process. Until that process is complete it is unknown if an additional window for Ward 4 will open.

Applications for Ward 2 Microbusinesses received during Window 5, which ended May 20, 2020 have just begun the review process.  Until that process is complete it is unknown if an additional window for Ward 2 will open.

Conditional approval has been awarded for a Microbusiness in Ward 1. 

1300.06(a)(2) The maximum number of locations for marihuana microbusinesses shall be capped at one location per ward, as defined. 

General Instructions, Checklists & Criteria

Instructions for Online General Instruction Submissions 11/13/2019

Criteria for Microbusiness - 12/17/2019

Application Checklist 12/17/2019

Online Application - Applications will be accepted for Ward 3 Microbusinesses during Window 7 (Aug 11 - Sept 9)

Other Forms 

Stakeholder All-in-One Form Packet - 11/13/2019

Operator & Employee Information All-in One Packet - 11/13/2019

Parking Calculations Form - 12/17/2019

Lansing City Map with Phase 1 Selected Provisioning Centers  8/7/2019

Additional Helpful Information

“How to Measure Zoning Distance for Marijuana Ordinance” 11/13/19
Zoning Map

Frequently Asked Questions
            LARA Phone Number: 517-284-8599

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